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Studio A
Studio B

The Studio is based around an Audient 8024 36 channel mixing desk. There is a 40 output Pro Tools HD2 system with a UAD quad-core card with a huge selection of UAD plugins, as well as a wide selection of pro tools plugins. The Studio is primarily a mix room but has ample overdub facilities for vocals, guitars e.t.c.


Outboard Equipment:

2x Distressors
2x Urei 1176’s
2x Cartec EQP1A’s
1x LA2A clone
1x Cartec THC Stereo Compressor
1x SSL Stereo Mix Bus Compressor
1x Roland Dimension D
1x Roland Delay
2x additional Spring Reverbs
1x AKG BX15 spring
1x AKG BX5 spring
1x Fulltone Tape Delay
2x DBX 902 De-essers
1x TC-D2 delay unit
1x Lexicon PCM-60
1x Dynacord Echocord Delay


KRK 9000b’s
Yamaha NS10’S

Pure Evoke Radio


I generally use my Wunderlux Valve U47 clone for Vocals. I also have an SM7, a ball and biscuit and some SM57’s and 58’s and some other strange microphones!

Guitar Amps and Instruments:

Theres a selection of Guitars, Amps and Keyboards in the studio to record with. As well as re-amping during the mix process.



Juno 6

Original 1810 Harmonium

Roland EP60



Original Vox AC30
Orignal Wem deluxe
Fender Deluxe


Gibson Les Paul Studio

Parker Fly

Shergold Bass Guitar

Yamaha Acoustic




Pedals and Extras:

I have a good selection of Pedals and drum machines including a Sherman Filterbank, Kaos Pad, Micro Synth Pedal, Holy Grail, Roland TR-505, Big Muff and a Boss DM2 Delay.

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